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Randa Yordi – Biography

Her work is like a magical encounter between the spectator and the work of art, a reflection of happiness generated by the strength of the strokes filled with contrast where the domain of color stands out, her work is the reflection of the enthusiast growth and constant evolution. Her proposal within contemporary art is abstraction - a reflection of joy generated by the power of her contrasting paint strokes. Her daring handling of the brush and other tools emphasizes with great fluency the control of acrylic colors over different substrates.

She was born in the city of

Caracas, Venezuela

She studied Decoration and Interior Design, and later Drawing and Painting in Maracaibo, Venezuela. From 1986 to 2003 she worked in several workshops at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Zulia and other art schools in Venezuela and USA.

Since 1998 she has participated in numerous Individual and Collective Exhibitions, Halls and Art Fairs in Venezuela and the United States. In 2002 she received Honorable Mention in the XXXII Painting Hall for Amateurs and Beginners, Zulia State Medical Association, Maracaibo, Venezuela and in 2000, Honorable Mention in the III Painting Hall for Amateurs and Beginners, State Medical College Zulia, Maracaibo, Venezuela. In 2004 she was a qualifying judge of the XXXIII Painting Hall for Fans and Beginners.

Randa Yordi materializes perfect harmony in her compositions and creates a balance of new spaces. It seems as if she materializes art in new creative ways. Immersing ourselves in her canvases constitute an exciting adventure; it is to enter a sui generis state where time and weightlessness transmute perfectly.

But where are the essence of her creations? Beyond the compositional virtuosity is a new way of conceiving art, with a vital encouragement to give it independent personality. It would be said that the artist has numerous works with their own identities, unrepeatable, but with a seal that identifies it.

Each one of her creations constitute a peculiar way of discovering new chromatic and compositional combinations. There is an intense vocation for the unique identification, achieved with that restless and dissatisfied mind and spirit, which
goes beyond the simple demonstration of the good trade. Such innate quality reveals authenticity and expressive originality.

It is a true mystery how the author combines colors, textures, and shapes, to create that delicate dialog between lyrical abstraction and geometric abstraction. Perhaps because of that peculiar way of creating, the viewer can build his own
stories. Because the author allows the viewer to freely enter their intimacies and inquire without stridency about the principle of being.

The case of poetics offers us an inherent expressive freedom of lyrical abstractionism. Halfway between the figurative and the abstract, the work translates the feelings that embody the subjectivity of the creators, their passions,
instincts and abilities to build signs that harmonize with others, returning as a pleasant and harmonious whole, ready in the visual enjoyment More than in the search for referents of the world that surrounds us, the spectators must concentrate on the dialogue between forms and colors proposed by Randa, where nothing matters, since the laws of physics are irrelevant to the dynamics of emotions.